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Behavior Modification for Service Technicians

Frank Besednjak has developed an in-person, on-site new non-technical training program that he is able to present upon request, at your location.

This is not the typical “soft skills” program that has a trainer spending an entire day spinning general ideas that don't apply to your business or your employees.


We call our course “Behavior Modification for Service Technicians”.  Much like we change our behaviors to elicit a certain response, we must do this as employees and business owners as well.

All training will be hands-on and requires attendees to role-play and show what they have learned during the class. People who are unwilling to participate will be asked to leave the room.  This is a no-BS workshop that WILL make a difference in long-term performance.

This is not your typical generic “Customer Service” course that you see from the rest of the "gurus".   
We design and modify this course to meet the specific needs of your business!


Here is a sample outline:

Behavior Modification for Service Technicians

1.  Sign in & Introduction – 8 am to 8:30 am

  • Introduction

  • Discuss objectives

  • Why are you here and what do you hope to gain from today's workshop? 


2.  Your Comfort Zone and Preconceived Ideas – 8:30 am to 10 am

  • Active Awareness

  • Your autopilot routines and why they don't work 

  • Your personal bias and assumptions

  • Getting out of your comfort zone and doing what needs to be done to ensure growth

  • Complacency on the job and why it is your enemy


Break – 15 minutes

3.  The Customer Satisfaction Pyramid – 10:15 am to noon

  • What do customers REALLY want?

  • What complaints do customers have?

  • What are you in control of?

  • What are you not in control of?

  • How do we influence the overall customer experience?

  • Practice makes perfect & role play


Lunch Break – (1.0 Hours)

4.   What Customers Think and How They Respond– 1 pm to 2:30 pm

  • Sharing previous experiences and discussing how to handle them

  • Demonstrating value

  • Positive communication no matter what

  • Practice makes perfect and role play


Break – 15 minutes

5.   The Recipe for Success - 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM

  • Building winning habits and routines

  • Developing a process and plan

  • Setting personal goals

  • Measuring success


6.   What’s Next? 3:45 to ??

  • What have you learned?

  • What are the next steps you should take?

  • Q & A


Keep in mind that the above course is only a sample outline.  Every business is different and requires a unique intervention strategy.  Frank will design your training after you sign up and he discovers what best fits your company and employees. This workshop typically lasts 6 to 8 hours.

Fees for this workshop begin at $7500 per session and go up. Pricing depends on your geographical location and what training needs to be done.


Don't miss out on this brand new exciting opportunity to learn from one of the best performance improvement coaches in the country!  The calendar is booking up quickly so don't wait!

If Interested, contact Frank today?

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