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This is an example of how Frank Besednjak’s coaching process works:

1. First Contact
• Initial request from a client that results in a free coaching call that lasts up to 90 minutes
• Client discusses challenges, issues, and/or desires
• Occasionally the phone
call results in the client’s challenges being resolved. No
further action required

2. Follow-up Proposal of Services for On-site Assessment
• Frank Besednjak sends a proposal of services and recommendations to begin
the process in the resolution of challenges
• On occasion the challenge or request may be beyond the scope of Frank’s
expertise and a third-party provider may be recommended
• Dates set for a site visit

3. On-Site Visit by Frank Besednjak
• Initial site visit and employee and leadership interviews. 2-4 days
• Business climate survey distributed if needed
• Dissemination of collected data from surveys and interviews

4. Presentation of Findings and Recommendations
• This may include recommendations of additional services or simply set a plan
into action for the business team to implement themselves
• On occasion Frank Besed
njak is unable to gain consensus from the clients’
business team and will conclude his investment of resources and time
• A plan of action is agreed upon and implemented with the business team

5. Implementation and Follow-up
• Depending upon the scope of the project and challenges, an
agreed-upon plan of action is put into place to resolve challenges and
improve business performance. Timing and schedule will be based
upon the needs of the business.

The above is subject to modification
depending upon the initial site visit findings.

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