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Over 30 award-winning years of experience in business coaching



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This is an example of how Frank Besednjak’s coaching process works:
1. First Contact
• Initial request from a client that results in a free coaching call that lasts up to 90 minutes
• Client discusses challenges, issues, and/or desires
• Occasionally the phone call results in the client’s challenges being resolved. No
further action required

2. Follow-up Proposal of Services for On-site Assessment
• Frank Besednjak sends a proposal of services and recommendations to begin
the process in the resolution of challenges
• On occasion the challenge or request may be beyond the scope of Frank’s
expertise and a third-party provider may be recommended
• Dates set for a site visit

3. On-Site Visit by Frank Besednjak
• Initial site visit and employee and leadership interviews. 2-4 days
• Business climate survey distributed if needed
• Dissemination of collected data from surveys and interviews

4. Presentation of Findings and Recommendations
• This may include recommendations of additional services or simply set a plan
into action for the business team to implement themselves
• On occasion Frank Besednjak is unable to gain consensus from the clients’
business team and will conclude his investment of resources and time
• A plan of action is agreed upon and implemented with the business team

5. Implementation and Follow-up
• Depending upon the scope of the project and challenges, an
agreed-upon plan of action is put into place to resolve challenges and
improve business performance. Timing and schedule will be based
upon the needs of the business.

The above is subject to modification
depending upon the initial site visit findings.

Frank Besednjak


* Will not waste your time or his trying to be nice about obvious problems
* Always tells the truth, whether it hurts or not
* Over 30 award-winning years of experience in business coaching
* Expert in business leadership and employee development programs
* Highly skilled in process mapping and business system development
* Will not waste your time on BS, non-essential projects
* Does not require that you join anything or sign up for any long-term contract
* Will show you how to resolve your business challenges without outside help
* Will push you to do what needs to be done
* Works specifically with you and your business' specific needs without forcing you to “do what everyone else is doing”
* Successfully started and sold several businesses
* Performs analysis on trends, demographics, work climate and potential
threats to success
* Works with thousands of clients

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* Not a salesman – There are plenty of coaches who will help increase your sales. Frank helps you develop your company and personnel to continue to improve in every aspect of your business, not just sales
* Not one of those overnight, success gurus who learned one or two things from someone else and now think they are God’s gift because they know something
* Not a manufacturer or distributors trainer, sales rep, or employee who is trying to make a few extra bucks on the side
* Not someone who started business coaching in the last few years because it seems like easy money
* Not a guru who became successful in his own business because he basically followed all the steps in a national success group that still believes the methods from 1980 are valid today



There are very few business coaches or consultants that will tell you the truth, rather than what you want to hear. Frank Besednjak is one of those unique people who will not waste your time and money on unnecessary meetings, services or long-term contracts that just suck your money away while trying to sell you even more additional services.


What Clients Say

I've been lucky enough to be entrusted by many businesses over the years. Here are a few kind words from some of them.


"Good information. Common sense business advice and recommendations. Thanks Frank!"

Ken H.


"You continue to provide useful information in a casual straightforward manner."

Everette N.


"Always the real deal and you leave with some special tools to help our businesses."

Hank B.


"Straight talk, to the point, efficient use of time."

John K. Jr.


"Very straightforward common-sense information, respectful and professional strategies to apply to be successful, respected and trusted in your field of work for the right reasons."

Reuben M.


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"When I met Frank, I was a plumber running service calls. A bankrupt dad trying to make a living and support four children. I applied what Frank said I need to do regarding my pricing methods and customer acquisitions. Now I own several businesses and employ two dozen people. Thanks Frank!"

Jason K.


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•Over 3500 Happy Clients

•Immigrant (I was born in Italy)

•US Navy Veteran

•Four grandchildren

•Two cats

•Cancer Survivor



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Frank Besednjak