Frank's Words of wisdom

"You cannot manage your time, all you have control over is the things you do as time goes by"


"You cannot manage people, You can only manage the processes and the environment they work in"


"When planning for the future, always begin with what you expect the end to be"


"Poor performing employees usual are poor performing because there are obstacles keeping them from doing their job well"


"A dream is a great result of your efforts"


"Want to be successful? Don't suck at what you do"


"The number one cause of employee performance problems is poor leadership"


"Manage processes, not people"


"Focus on positive results, not negative obstacles" 


"Want to get more done everyday? Do the undesirable tasks first" 


"Start the morning off everyday by getting something done. Even something as simple as making the bed will get you started off feeling like you have already accomplished something"


"People spend money for two reasons, to fix something or get a reward" 


"Ignoring problems in your business is like driving with a flat tire and hoping it fixes itself"

"Servicing contractors have one significant unique skill that keeps their business in the forefront and competitive, and that is the ability to troubleshoot and repair. Unfortunately the leaders in this business are trying to eliminate that by focusing on selling products and accessories only."

"If you keep your focus only on the short term and do not consider the long term ramifications, before you know it, you'll be walking off the cliff because your eyes are not able to adjust any further than six inches from your face."

"If you are talking you are only repeating what you already know, but if you actually listen, you may learn something new."