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One of the most popular and sought after speakers in customer service businesses. Frank has presented to countless organizations, businesses and national conventions. His powerful, relevant, down to earth, real-world examples and presentations leave audiences entertained, fully inspired and ready to tackle their challenges. Your audience will leave with information and tools that will change the way they do business forever!

Typical audiences include: 

  • Private businesses interested in improving employee morale, profitability and performance 

  • Organizations wishing to assist clients in business methods

  • Local and regional trade groups and associations

  • National conventions keynote or seminars

  • Business alliances and other organizations looking for powerful speakers

  • Contracting companies requiring continuing education credits

  • Manufacturers, distributors and support industry groups

Bring The Real Live, "No Nonsense, No Gimmicks No Games"  Frank to your location to speak to your team or at Your local event!

You don't need to wait until you travel to a national event to experience Frank Besednjak Live! Have him come to your town and present a workshop specifically designed for your organization or pick one of the listed programs below:

Topics may Include: 

  • NEW!!!! Complacency - The Performance and Productivity Killer - Business leaders often face the dilemma of how to motivate employees to do better, be more focused, perform at a higher level and become more success oriented. The problem is not that your team members don't care, they do care. However, the underlying cause is that as humans we become complacent, we fall into a rut, we develop habits and repetitive patterns that we do not even realize we are doing. This complacent behavior often leads to poor morale, boring repetitive work routines and a lack of concern for quality and productivity  while performing the specific tasks they are assigned to do. Things are about to change! My program will provide your team with information and methods to "get out of the funk" and realize how they have become complacent in the workplace and how to change that behavior to become ambitious and proactive members of a winning team. 

  • 10 Habits of Leaders That Destroy Employee Morale and Performance - Most people in supervisor positions never get an opportunity to receive formal and useful leadership training or information. This workshop will identify the typical bad habits of people in leadership roles and provide tools and information to modify that behavior. 

  • THE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PYRAMID - What it takes to grow your loyal customer base. This session can be designed for administrative staff, phone reps, service techs, sales reps and anyone in service oriented industry or business. We discuss the motivating factors for buying, why people make certain purchase decisions and the value timeline and how each contact point with a customer can influence your price and how the customer perceives value. 

  • 12 STEPS TO LEADERSHIP SUCCESS - Do you have a group of supervisors and/or business leaders who may need a few common sense, easy to implement proven and successful leadership and coaching tips? Instead of just telling their people what do to, where to go and how to do it, great coaches who use my system learn how to inspire, motivate and lead their staff to become a driven, empowered and motivated group of team members who are focused on being the most dedicated, conscientious, goal oriented and objective focused group you've ever experienced. 

  • TIME MANAGEMENT OR TASK MANAGEMENT? - We all are busy trying to get everything done with a limited amount of actual time. We all know there is no way we can manage time itself, however we can decide on how to manage what we do and set up priorities to make sure we operate as efficient as possible. We will discuss the key steps it takes to get control of your day and make it a routine to get things done in a timely fashion with less stress.

  • STRESS ON THE JOB, WHY IT HAPPENS AND HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS - We've all had those days, some are worse than others. Seems like everything gets out of control and it seems like we spend our lives putting out fires. It does not have to be that way. Frank Besednjak will share his secrets on controlling your emotions, how to manage the various challenges properly and gaining back control of not only your emotions but using your skills to better adjust to the emotions and stress of those around you. 

  • HOW TO EFFECTIVELY COACH AND COMMUNICATE WITH THE POOR PERFORMING EMPLOYEE - Handling an employee problem does not have to ruin your day. The simple steps presented in this program will help managers and supervisors get a better handle on performance problems and take the stress out of having to sit in an office with a team member attempting to fix an issue that they created. Great leadership skills will be demonstrated in this session and you will quickly know exactly how to handle an employee problem without continued concern on what you are going to say or do in response.

  • UNDERSTANDING AND PROMOTING YOUR "UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION" AND HOW IT WILL HELP YOUR BUSINESS GET MORE LOYAL CLIENTS IN YOUR MARKET - When asked  why should a customer pick your company to do business with, rather than one of their competitors, most business owners cannot come up with anything better that "we are high quality", "honest', "better value", "great service" or something like "we truly care about our customers". These words don't mean anything anymore. I promise you, no matter who I call, everyone will tell me they do the exact same thing. Besides, aren't you supposed to do those things anyway? So how is that special. In this session, we will determine what it is that you do that makes you better than your competitors and that gets customers to use your services rather than your competitors'.

  • MILLENNIALS - HIRING, MOTIVATING, AND COACHING THIS NEWER AND UNIQUELY DIFFERENT WORKFORCE  - Understanding the motivating factors and work ethic of this age group has become puzzling for many business leaders. It does not have to be stressful and confusing to communicate and motivate this group. Frank Besednjak will give you some insight as to why this group is different, how to make a few small adjustments in the workplace that will make everyone's job easier and improve the morale and productivity of your entire team. 

  • PRICING STRATEGIES THAT BUILD CUSTOMER LOYALTY AND INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE  - The trend in service has been to convert service people into sales people, while pushing to upsell more products and accessories. This results in loss of loyal customers, poor reviews and an ever-changing employee base. This is not why we are in business!  Frank Besednjak will show you how to market and present options to customers that will make them want to spend more money without selling. In fact, Frank will show you why trying to sell and close a customer is not the way to increase sales in the service business. This  is one you really do not want to miss!

  • OR  . . . . JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AND I'LL MAKE IT HAPPEN - Frank Besednjak will design a workshop, speech and/or training program specifically to meet the needs of your business. Whether it has to do with customer service, sales, marketing, leadership, project management, internal and external communications, handling objections, irate customers and acting like a professional, Frank will make sure that you will have measurable, positive results that will make a difference that sticks. ​​​

Professional Coaching & Speaking Fees  

The following table details the pricing for delivery methods of the services outlined. 

  • On Site Coaching, Training, Meeting Facilitator or Speaking - Frank Besednjak will be at your location offering targeted services to meet the specific needs of your business, business team and/or personnel performance needs.  Starts at $5,000 per day up to $12,000 per day. Depending on location, length of stay, venue, advance preparation and development costs. Lower daily costs are possible and negotiable depending upon the scope of the project or projects. Travel and living costs are included in my daily fee.

  • Return Site Visits for Follow-up - Necessary to assist in implementing changes, employee meetings, and/or make on-site recommendations to staff and team members – Ongoing as deemed necessary by the leadership team $5,000 per day and up depending on geographical location accessibility and other development costs.

  • Follow-Up Phone or “Got to Meeting” Ongoing Coaching - Includes four, up to 90-minute phone or web meetings, one per week, scheduled in advance. Also includes up to ten email follow up communications. The first exploratory phone meeting of 20 minutes is free of charge. A credit card is required for reoccurring billing. This program is billed monthly and automatically renewed each month unless cancelled by either party in writing or email.   $1995 per month (Paid in advance each month as necessary)

  • On Demand Web Training Session – Specifically targeted private training session using “Got to Meeting” or similar format. Broadcast from Frank Besednjak to a maximum of three locations. Starts at $1500 per 90-minute training session. There may be additional fees for preparation and training development time. Additional locations are priced at $300 each.

  • On Demand Phone or “Got to Meeting” Coaching - Phone appointment set up in advance. We discuss any topic. This is simply a "I need your advice Frank" phone meeting. I will be happy to discuss any topic for 20 minutes free provided an appointment is set up in advance. After the initial call of 20 minutes, fees apply. Payment is expected by credit card in advance. ​  $550 per session – Maximum 90 Minutes

  • If there is a need for a combination of delivery methods in order to meet our objectives, discounted rates are available. 

Return or Refund Policies: 

Business Coaching and Speaking Agreements: The procedure and policy for obtaining a refund will vary depending on what was originally negotiated contractually between Frank Besednjak (aka The Training Source Inc.) and the client. Otherwise there are no refunds.

Public Workshops:

Clients attending public workshops have the option of cancelling at least 48 hours prior to an event to receive a refund. No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of the start of an event or if the client fails to show up for the event without 48 hours notice.  Should there be a need for Frank Besednjak (aka The Training Source Inc.) to cancel or reschedule an event due to an emergency or other circumstances, all attendees will be notified as soon as possible and will have an option for a refund or be rescheduled for an event at a later date. 


“You made me feel like I have the tools & knowledge to be successful and that’s more than I have ever received out of any other speaker.”

William Perry, Electrical Contractor — Rimar Electric LLC, Lexington, KY

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