One of the most popular and sought-after speakers in customer service industries. Frank Besednjak has presented and coached with countless businesses, organizations, regional and national conventions. His powerful, relevant, down to earth, real-world examples, systems and presentations leave audiences entertained, fully inspired and ready to tackle their challenges. Frank Besednjak will leave you with methods, information and tools that will change the
way you do business forever!


Professional Coaching & Speaking Fees*  
The following table details the pricing for delivery methods of the services outlined.

On Site Coaching, Training, Meeting Facilitator or Speaking - Frank Besednjak will be at your location offering targeted services to meet the specific needs of the business, business team and/or personnel performance needs.  Starts at $5,000 per day up. Depending on location, length of stay, venue, advance preparation and development costs. Lower daily costs are negotiable depending upon the scope of the project or projects. Travel and living costs are included in the daily fee.
Follow-Up Phone or “ZOOM Online” Ongoing Coaching - Includes four, 60-minute phone or web meetings, one per week, scheduled in advance. Also includes up to ten email follow up communications. The first exploratory phone meeting of 60 minutes is free of charge. A credit card is required for reoccurring billing. This program is billed monthly and automatically renewed each month unless cancelled by either party in writing or email.  $2000 and up per month
(Paid in advance each month as necessary)
On Demand Web Training Session – Specifically targeted private training session using “ZOOM” or similar format. Broadcast from Frank Besednjak to one location. Starts at $1500 per 90-minute training session. There may be additional
fees for preparation and training development time. Additional locations are priced at $500 each.

On Demand Phone or “ZOOM Online” Coaching - Phone appointment set up in advance. We discuss any topic. This is simply a "I need your advice Frank" phone meeting. I will be happy to discuss any topic for 60 minutes free provided an appointment is set up in advance. After the initial call of 60 minutes, fees apply. Payment is expected by credit card in advance. ​ $750 per session – Up to 90 Minutes.

If there is a need for a combination of delivery methods to meet business objectives, rates are negotiable.

Listed pricing does not include any State Continuing Education classes.
  Call 888-538-5383 for more information.