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The New Flat Rate
Pricing Software

 Providing the #1 Flat Rate Pricing Software for HVAC, Plumbing,
and Electrical Contractors,

done for you in a menu.

Make $246 more on your average
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Pursuing your education as an aspiring HVAC technician starts by selecting the right academy. National Trade Academy provides students with a unique and comprehensive educational experience, offering hands-on instruction from the industry’s top experts. 

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Simply purchase a "pre-produced" commercial, then we add your personal business information to it. For example, we add your logo, web address, location address, phone number and any call to action you may have. We even match colors from your logo or website to the titles (graphics) on screen so your commercial will match your business personality and identity.    

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Interplay Learning’s SkillMill™ training course catalog gives you or your team the confidence and skills to do the job right. On your phone, computer or in virtual reality (VR), this dynamic online training develops on-the-job skills quickly and efficiently.